Take 2 Steps to Rejoining Your Life

Don’t Stop Where It Happens,
Keep Going

Tanya M. Wilson is a personal brand and professional motivational speaker, as well as, a leadership development expert. She disarmingly delights her audiences with a sincerity that arrests you in a place that you cannot escape. Her vulnerability captivates audiences’ attention by wrapping humor and vivid illustrations around life-changing messages that will stick to your soul.

As a published author, Tanya’s first book “Souls of My Sisters,” a compilation of women’s stories, had her share pages with the likes of Mary J. Blige and Patty Labelle. She followed that with a devotional “Bringing Back Virtue: 30 Day Women’s Devotional. Currently due out in the spring of 2018, is “Take2 Steps to Rejoining your Life,” which is the launch of a movement to encourage people to not stop where IT happened. Her Take2 movement is now her life’s primary focus.

Ms. Wilson has worked in the broadcast industry for more than 25 years with HBO and Time Warner. She is a highly skilled professional in the entertainment industry and has expanded her 360You brand to now include 360YOU Entertainment, where she seeks to identify talent in need of development on their way to stardom.

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