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Feeling stuck? Not uncommon. Life can throw those unexpected curve balls. We think we are ready, then somehow, our humanism kicks in, and we realize we are not prepared. Tanya M. Wilson, humanism kicked in through a multitude of situations and circumstances. From divorce to job loss, to health loss, to relationship loss, to church hurt, to failed business’, and the list goes on. Purpose is often born out of pain, and it is her pain that she found the secret to success. Her transparent account of her challenges throughout life, both expected and unexpected, allows the reader to experience firsthand her struggles. Most importantly how she arrived and her life’s purpose, which is to encourage and prove, that we must not STOP WHERE IT HAPPENED!

Bringing Back Virtue: 30 Day Women’s Devotional

Readers will be inspired and encouraged by devotions and meditations based on real stories about how to live a virtuous life. Each devotion is structured with a scripture, inspiring narrative and prayer. These devotions were created for women of all ages and backgrounds.

•Ideal for use in group devotion as well as for personal reflection time
•Beautifully designed to be treasured and remembered
•Excellent for multi-general women as gifts
•Great gifts for Mother’s Day

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